Saturday, 23 April 2016

What is Machine Learning?


You :  Ha Ha ! So what exactly is machine learning. 

Me  :  Machine Learning, a subfield of computer science.

You :   -_-   I knew this already !

Me  :  Okay, Let me think......

Me  :  It is a field of study which give machines, power to learn from the patterns and analogies and figure out a way to infer or predict from data. It's powerful.

You : What is "data" in your context ?

Me  : Data refers to facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.

You : You spoke of predictions. How are machine learning and statistics related  then ? 

Me  : Machine learning and statistics are closely related fields. Mathematical models and tools of ML have had a long pre-history in statistics.

You : You brag about it so much, where is it used ?

Me  : Ummm... You found this page with the help of Google it uses ML to suggest you this page out of the millions of pages out there. You buy goods online they implement some form of ML to recommend goods to you. And not to forget facebook's news-feed it also uses ML to show the relevant news or activities.

You : When you say power to machines what do you mean ?

Me  : I mean by machine learning we are able to get machines to think.

You : How is this possible, machines aren't intelligent and can't think ?

Me  : Lets say machines are not intelligent because they do not take decisions on their own, but can't we say the same for us. Aren't we doing the same thing. In our life our every decisions are backed up by the experiences ( Data ).

My Question : Do we have a proper concept of intelligence ?

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