Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Getting Started in Machine Learning ?

Machine Learning is one of the most intriguing field of computer science. You do not need a degree to learn and practice machine learning. In fact, you don’t need a degree if you want to explore research in machine learning. It's fun to learn.

MOOCs are the best ways to kick start in some field with a good book of that to read when free.

Some great examples of Machine Learning MOOCs include :

Examples of good textbooks are:


Once you get started with the courses and books you should start looking out for data to practice on. "Learn and Implement" is the best way to ensure whether you know your stuff or not.
Data can be collected from various sources like Kaggle and TunedIt.

The skills that you learn are applicable in industry, but real-world problems do require more than that. This area of learning is not for everyone, but does offer a lot for those whom it does suit.

Competitions are often held in conjunction with academic conferences. Recent companies have opened up their data to competitions to get more out of the best brains of this world.

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